Our Mission

The South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore (SACCS) is a prominent business organization that aims to facilitate and enhance trade relations, investments, and business opportunities between South Africa and Singapore.


Established with the objective of fostering bilateral economic ties, SACCS serves as a vital link between South African and Singaporean businesses, promoting collaboration, knowledge exchange, and market growth.


The mission of the South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore is to promote and strengthen the economic, commercial, and cultural ties between South Africa and Singapore. SACCS seeks to facilitate the growth of businesses, enhance trade opportunities, and provide a platform for networking, information sharing, and advocacy to its members.


Key Objectives:

  • Business Networking: SACCS brings together South African and Singaporean companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, and industry experts through various networking events, conferences, and seminars. These platforms encourage collaboration, partnership building, and knowledge exchange among members.
  • Trade and Investment Promotion: SACCS actively promotes bilateral trade and investment opportunities between South Africa and Singapore. By organizing trade missions, business delegations, and exhibitions, SACCS facilitates connections, explores new markets, and supports companies in expanding their operations.
  • Advocacy and Representation: SACCS acts as a voice for its members, representing their interests to relevant government agencies, trade bodies, and industry associations. The chamber works towards creating a favorable business environment by engaging in policy dialogues, advocating for regulatory reforms, and addressing trade-related issues.
  • Business Support Services: SACCS offers a range of business support services to its members, including market research, business matching, trade facilitation, and assistance with market entry strategies. Through workshops, seminars, and business mentoring programs, SACCS equips members with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the South African and Singaporean markets.
  • Cultural Exchange and Awareness: SACCS aims to promote cultural exchange, foster mutual understanding, and enhance awareness between South Africa and Singapore. The chamber organizes cultural events, celebrations, and forums that showcase the rich cultural heritage and diversity of both nations.


The South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore plays a crucial role in promoting and enhancing economic ties between South Africa and Singapore. By facilitating business collaborations, advocating for member interests, and providing valuable support services, SACCS serves as a catalyst for trade and investment growth. With a focus on networking, knowledge exchange, and cultural awareness, SACCS creates a vibrant business community that drives bilateral relations and opportunities for its members.